Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Now working two jobs!!

My journey of two jobs!

Do not get me wrong I usually have 2-3 jobs at once all the time. But now I am currently a cna ( certified nursing assistant) and a L1ma ( level 1 med aide)  Which is fine the cna work hurts me a lot though, I have been previously diagnosed with fibromyalgia and scoliosis. also osceoslaughters diesease ( which i believe that one is bogus. Pretty much I hurt all the time, my knees randomly give out on me, my hands occasionally randomly drop things, my back is always in horrendous pain, and hurt everywhere. But I have had my certification since 2008 and I need the money. I do plan on going back to school next year, to become an LPN and then go up from there. I'm a strong willed person and i know i can do it but considering i owe an old college 1600 before they will release my transcript and im having issues with math i shall get there im studying up on my math now and will have my old college paid off at tax time. mommy issues, I will make it through and i will succeed with or without  support because im strong willed. And i am the only one who can make it happen.
Wish me luck :)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

October 29,2015

So It has been sometime since my last post. I no longer have internet and it makes it extremely difficult to make posts except for on Facebook that is. So a lot has changed in the last couple of months. I have switched jobs and worked at a place that paid pretty well for cna pay , But they took 30 minutes out of each day for a lunch break that you never received. There was pretty much no breaks at all even on your 12 hour days. No sitting down constant moving and they expected you to stay over all of the time because so many people did not care to do their job or even bother coming to work. I ended up quiting after getting yelled at for calling in one day because of my sons asthma flaring up. ( I don't call in and if I do it is for a great reason) So I decided to not go back. So im now working at an assisted living facility which I love working for but currently doing 14 hour days on the weekends as I can only work during the day or weekends. But I just got a call for a 2nd job on Monday and start it this upcoming Monday. Its a nursing home working day shift as a cna, So now that my job status has been caught up, Jacob is going to be a vampire for Halloween he says " I have to be scary to get candy" but then again he also said a couple days ago " I need to put my hood up its raining and I don't want my hair to grow" and today I buttoned a button on his shirt before he went into school so he says " Thanks mom! now my heart wont get cold" I think he could have seriously been a great candidate on bill Cosby's Show Kids Say The Darnedest Things! I kinda miss that show because really kids do. I've Heard so much from Jacob and he is only 5 right now. No wonder when we are sad they can always cheer us up they are HILARIOUS! Especially when they are trying to be serious! Motherhood is one of the most rewarding things ever. Even when you do it alone work 2 jobs or at least one to support as a complete family could do. Kids are awesome they are like super awesome mini me's! We carved a pumpkin yesterday night I will try to get a picture of it on my laptop to post but might not be until next week as I work 14's both sat and sun then start my second job Monday!! What kind of silly things has your child said? If anyone is reading this please comment and let me know some of the awesome hilarious things your kiddo has said!

Have a wonderful Halloween!

  1. Make sure you check your child's candy
  2. Having your child count there candy makes it fun and lets them practice ( Jacob is in kindergarten and learning to count so will be good for him)
  3. Having a flashlight handy is always a good thing
  4. As Jacob would say " you might get more candy if your scary"
  5. Stay safe and watch out for drivers who are careless that there are trick or treaters in the area!
  6. Have Fun  making wonderful memories!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Long day....

Today has been a very very long one...... on my days off from work I am left to do what I cant on the days I work.. my work schedule vary's and It's always between 10 to 12 hour shifts. one day i am up at 3am and at work by 4:30 and work to 3 or 4 in the afternoon, then there are days i work from 2 to midnight. On my days off it consist of doctor's appointment's if there are any scheduled, Which I usually request those day's off. Just to be sure since my schedule is always changing. I also run family member's where ever they need to go as they can not drive. On top of that there is always cleaning, yard work, catching up on things, trying to spend time with my son, And i try to squeeze in what every person desire's on there days off which is RELAXATION. Today, I ran family around, went grocery shopping, put it all away, then i actually sat down to spend time with my kiddo and relax. we watched Big Hero 6, and The Hobbit. After the movies I went outside and cut weeds that were overhanging my stair's with a pair of scissor's. I will admit I do not own a lawn mower which I really wish I had. My yard looks horrible. You couldn't even get to my house with out being hit by ton's of weeds which are over half the size of me ( I am 5'0). Last year it got so bad I sat in my yard all day while my son drew on the sidewalk and sometimes helped me cut the grass with scissor's. But at least i try to do something about it!! Now i am writing this and Its back to cleaning. Always something to do...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This is my son last year.

This is Jacob Now. He has grown to fast cant believe he is 5!

As single mother's we do everything....... Cooking, cleaning, playing nurse, kissing boo boo's, Being the fun parent but also the strict one because we are the only one. We have to pick up our child 's spirit's when they are feeling down, But they help lift our spirits when we are down as well. They remind us that we have come this far and that everything will simply be OK it just takes time.  They take after us because they are around us always. They make us laugh and they make us cry. And our excuses become there excuses. Today, well like 5 minutes ago i told my son to pick his toys up and the response i got was " But mom my back hurts and im so tired" lol He is 5 there is no way his back hurts but he hears me say it. They remember everything. He also uses the excuses " my head hurts i have a headache" " my knees hurt" " But im hungry" " mom this is going to take a very long time" I cant believe how many excuses there are for a 5 year old he even says " But mom i need to watch tv" Its sometimes difficult to be an awesome fun mother and a strict enforcer on rules all the time.  But yet again that is just another a lovely strength that we all posses. Being a single mother is not for everyone and not everyone can do it. But for us that do WE SIMPLY ARE AMAZING!!! ( yes im a tad bit conceded I believe that im awesome all the time) But sometimes confidence is key.

lets begin


My Name is Tiffany. I am a single mother of one his name is Jacob. Let me tell you about us. I graduated High school January 2009. A few months later I found out i was pregnant. I was pretty much alone in my pregnancy and i knew i would be raising this baby alone. I was a little nervous but i knew no matter what i would make it. I was going to be a great mother and although with no college education and low paying jobs that i could do it. The day he was born changed my life, i NO LONGER worried about other people after all i had this tiny little boy who depended on me now. I lost mostly all (pretty much all) of my friends when i was pregnant, I actually was fore warned about that. All I had now was family which was OK. But at 18 years old having a baby and knowing it was going to be a struggle at times. I am now 23 year's old and my son just recently turned 5 years old. He is now going to kindergarten in August which actually makes me a little sad. Since he was born I have went through my fair share of job's. He has also been in a daycare setting since he was a baby and just graduated pre-k. He has underwent two ear surgery's as he couldn't hear all that well. He fell behind in his learning abilities because of this. He was in special education classes with one on one time and speech therapy for the last two years. He also Has asthma. But what makes me a little sad about kindergarten is I was recently informed that he has now caught back up to where he needs to be so in kindergarten he will be starting REGULAR classes! I'm so proud of him but scared for him at the same time, His class for the last two years has only had a total of like 8 students. Now in Regular kindergarten there will be 23 kids in his class. He is scared and a little nervous but i tell him everything will be alright because ultimately it will be. Its just a new experience for us and everyone gets a little nervous about new things. I myself have dealt with my own battles i was diagnosed a few months ago with fibromyalgia. I have been in pain since middle school but everything just kept getting worse. I'm glad i at least know what is  causing the pain now anyways but i still have my doubts to whether fibromyalgia is what i really have or not. I have went to multiple doctors i HAVE been diagnosed with multiple conditions over the years because of my pain and my knee's giving way. On this blog I will continue to tell you about myself and struggles we all face but I will also tell you how rewarding it is as well. AFTER ALL  We have a thousand struggles we deal with when your a single mom. But we also have a thousand strengths. We overcome multiple obstacles on our own. But either way WE ARE STRONGER THAN YOU KNOW.