Wednesday, June 10, 2015

As single mother's we do everything....... Cooking, cleaning, playing nurse, kissing boo boo's, Being the fun parent but also the strict one because we are the only one. We have to pick up our child 's spirit's when they are feeling down, But they help lift our spirits when we are down as well. They remind us that we have come this far and that everything will simply be OK it just takes time.  They take after us because they are around us always. They make us laugh and they make us cry. And our excuses become there excuses. Today, well like 5 minutes ago i told my son to pick his toys up and the response i got was " But mom my back hurts and im so tired" lol He is 5 there is no way his back hurts but he hears me say it. They remember everything. He also uses the excuses " my head hurts i have a headache" " my knees hurt" " But im hungry" " mom this is going to take a very long time" I cant believe how many excuses there are for a 5 year old he even says " But mom i need to watch tv" Its sometimes difficult to be an awesome fun mother and a strict enforcer on rules all the time.  But yet again that is just another a lovely strength that we all posses. Being a single mother is not for everyone and not everyone can do it. But for us that do WE SIMPLY ARE AMAZING!!! ( yes im a tad bit conceded I believe that im awesome all the time) But sometimes confidence is key.

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