Thursday, October 29, 2015

October 29,2015

So It has been sometime since my last post. I no longer have internet and it makes it extremely difficult to make posts except for on Facebook that is. So a lot has changed in the last couple of months. I have switched jobs and worked at a place that paid pretty well for cna pay , But they took 30 minutes out of each day for a lunch break that you never received. There was pretty much no breaks at all even on your 12 hour days. No sitting down constant moving and they expected you to stay over all of the time because so many people did not care to do their job or even bother coming to work. I ended up quiting after getting yelled at for calling in one day because of my sons asthma flaring up. ( I don't call in and if I do it is for a great reason) So I decided to not go back. So im now working at an assisted living facility which I love working for but currently doing 14 hour days on the weekends as I can only work during the day or weekends. But I just got a call for a 2nd job on Monday and start it this upcoming Monday. Its a nursing home working day shift as a cna, So now that my job status has been caught up, Jacob is going to be a vampire for Halloween he says " I have to be scary to get candy" but then again he also said a couple days ago " I need to put my hood up its raining and I don't want my hair to grow" and today I buttoned a button on his shirt before he went into school so he says " Thanks mom! now my heart wont get cold" I think he could have seriously been a great candidate on bill Cosby's Show Kids Say The Darnedest Things! I kinda miss that show because really kids do. I've Heard so much from Jacob and he is only 5 right now. No wonder when we are sad they can always cheer us up they are HILARIOUS! Especially when they are trying to be serious! Motherhood is one of the most rewarding things ever. Even when you do it alone work 2 jobs or at least one to support as a complete family could do. Kids are awesome they are like super awesome mini me's! We carved a pumpkin yesterday night I will try to get a picture of it on my laptop to post but might not be until next week as I work 14's both sat and sun then start my second job Monday!! What kind of silly things has your child said? If anyone is reading this please comment and let me know some of the awesome hilarious things your kiddo has said!

Have a wonderful Halloween!

  1. Make sure you check your child's candy
  2. Having your child count there candy makes it fun and lets them practice ( Jacob is in kindergarten and learning to count so will be good for him)
  3. Having a flashlight handy is always a good thing
  4. As Jacob would say " you might get more candy if your scary"
  5. Stay safe and watch out for drivers who are careless that there are trick or treaters in the area!
  6. Have Fun  making wonderful memories!

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